What does a Financial Coach do?

Financial Coaches provide one-on-one sessions with clients to coach them in improving their financial situation. They help the client set goals and encourage them as they strive to reach those goals.


Think of a Financial Coach like a personal trainer at the gym… a trainer can tell you what weights to lift and what exercises to do and give you feedback on what you may be doing right or wrong, but they can’t lift the weights for you. You have to take responsibility and work through the steps yourself. If you are married, you and your spouse have to get in the boat and row in the same direction.


If you want help planning and managing your money wisely, a Financial Coach is a good choice for you. A Financial Coach can help you create a spending plan… they can help you make a plan to pay off debt… they can help you identify ways to increase your income and/or decrease expenses… they can help you ensure you and your family are protected with proper insurance coverages… they can help you work toward owning real estate that doesn’t own you… and they can help you with broad investment options to assist you as you plan for your retirement.


If you are having issues with something, a Financial Coach can assist you and point you in the right direction and help you move forward to get your financial house in order. Considering bankruptcy or facing foreclosure? Trying to figure out how to get moving after a similar event? A Financial Coach can help you get things straight and get on a plan by providing a roadmap to follow as you move forward.


The coach provides experience and support as well as accountability. They are an educator and may be on your butt most of the time, but the ultimate responsibility is yours to do the work and make progress.


Financial Coaches are teachers, encouragers, and cheerleaders. We are here to serve our clients and inject hope when things may not seem hopeful. If you are experiencing problems with your finances or if you just want to talk with someone and get them to review where you are, a Financial Coach can help.


If you want to get started, click here to contact us today and let’s discuss your situation with a complimentary one-on-one consultation. What do you have to lose?

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