How could a company or small business benefit from providing the services of a Financial Coach to their employees?

A company with employees that have a healthy financial plan in place could make for a great place to work. No more calls from creditors, or wage garnishments, or taking time off to chase down bills or lost time due to issues dealing with creditors (well maybe not “no more”, but certainly less).


A business owner that invests in their employees by making the services of a Financial Coach available either for one on one time or in a group setting – could see their employee morale improve as well as their company’s efficiency. They could also see lower turnover and improved employee loyalty. If employees are not under a cloud of debt and uncertainty and worried about how they are going to survive… perhaps trying to figure out how to rob Peter to pay Paul, they can focus more on their jobs and that could be good for any business. Making your company a place where people would really want to work and getting that word out in the industry could attract better prospects and may make your endeavors in the business world more competitive.

What are some specific things a coach can do?

  • Cash Flow Planning – a coach can work with your employees and help them make a plan to follow and ensure they are on the right track and moving forward.


  • Debt Reduction – helping employees get out of debt and not be burdened with payments can go a long way to a more peaceful and focused life.


  • Retirement Planning – recommending options and referring employees to experts in the field can go a long way to helping them plan for the future for themselves and their families.


  • College Saving – if an employee has children, a Financial Coach can work with them by reviewing their budget and helping them understand the myriad of options available for their children’s future educational needs.


  • Help with Bankruptcy or Foreclosure – if an employee is struggling with debt and being overwhelmed with creditors or even facing foreclosure, a coach can inject hope into the situation and help them work through decisions and move forward.


  • Insurance Recommendations – while not an insurance representative, a coach can still assist employees and provide them recommendations on the coverages that would be a part of a healthy financial plan.


  • Group Coaching – sessions can be done on any of these topics and provided in a group setting as well as one on one.


When a Financial Coach helps employees get moving forward and they are on a good financial footing, they can put down some roots and feel better and safer about their families. When they are not worried about where they will lay their head, or whether or not someone is coming after them for late payments, etc – they will again be more focused on their work and the overall business environment should improve.


The benefits of hiring a Financial Coach can be numerous and could help make your company more competitive in your industry. Contact us today to talk about options and get started.

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